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Gold Singapore Chain

Nothing screams ‘rich and famous’ more than solid gold Jewelry…Especially gold chains.Instantly giving you the power to make a bold, fashion-forward statement, having a gold chain as part of your accessory collection is guaranteed to make you feel the part.

But what do most of today’s gold-plated chains have in common?A colossally high price tag – something the majority of regular people like us simply can’t afford.Accessible to celebrities yet out of reach for most normal folks, stand-out gold chains are well deserving of their luxurious reputation…

And now, you can experience this celeb-style luxury for yourself!Ideal to be given as a generous gift or a treat for yourself, this gold Singapore chain is guaranteed to complement a wide variety of different looks…Giving you that instant celebrity look whilst still maintaining the regular style you love.
Rainbow Natural Stone Pendant
The Most Unique Jewelry You’ll EVER See…ONLY $29.95 A PIECE/FREE SHIPPING

If you’re a fan of statement-making accessories that stand out from the crowd, stop what you’re doing.

Because you’re going to want to read this full page to the end. For too long has everyday jewelry been the same old thing… It’s high time you had access to something different and unique – without spending a fortune – right?

Well that’s exactly what you’ll gain if you keep reading for a couple more minutes… …and discover everything the rainbow natural stone pendant has to offer. Made using alloy and natural stone, this pendant is truly captivating - guaranteed to stand out from the crowd and get compliments wherever you go!

And as this pendant is made using natural stone, every single one is truly unique… …giving you the power to wear a bespoke accessory NO ONE else will have.

Featuring a stunning rainbow effect and complete with a striking gold chain, this pendant truly is one of a kind – and is certain to enhance ANY jewelry enthusiast’s collection. A great gift option too, the rainbow natural stone pendant is NOT to be missed!
5x Geo-Design Necklace (Gold) (OTDM00437GD)
Beautiful Geo-Design Necklace - Gold Crystal Blended Gold/Rope Chain Geo/Crystal Design
5x Geo-Design Necklace (Black) (OTDM00437BLK)
Beautiful Geo-Design Necklace Blended Gold/Rope Chain Geo/Crystal Design
5x Geo-Design Necklace (Blue) (OTDM00437BLU)
Beautiful Geo-Design Necklace Blended Gold/Rope Chain Geo/Crystal Design
Titanium Infinity Ring (Black) (SOTU2400BLK)
Titanium Infinity Ring in Black Bezel Setting Men Size 7 - 11
Geometric Crystal Pendant
If you love stealing the spotlight and having all eyes on you…

This is without doubt one of the best things you’ll read in a while. After all, holding the spotlight all night isn’t easy – and the effect of accessories is often underrated, Until Now.

Here at Meyfflin Jewelry, we understand the importance of making a bold statement with accessories. And we also understand that everyone has their own individual style that accessories should follow…

Which is why we’ve created one of the most versatile ranges of statement-making pendants you’ll find on the market today. And if you LOVE attention and receiving compliments for your look, you DON’T want to miss out.
Vintage Leather & Wood Necklace
Rope Chain, Vintage Leather & Wook Necklace
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